Chicken Paw Cutting MachineApplication:

This type of chicken paw cutting machine is the indispensable special equipment in chicken feet processing factory. It is ideal equipment which is suitable for cutting chicken feet process. This machine can completely eliminates the risk of artificial cutting, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers and improve work efficiency, with the advantages of fewer premises, less energy consumption, high molding rate etc.


Description of Chicken Paw Cutting Machine

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Working video of chicken feet cutting machine 


1.Adjust the supporting bar and screw at the bottom of the machine to make it in a horizontal level.

2.After arrange the electric system by professionals, make the machine run 10 mins with a light condition. Notice! No motor reversal.

3.Checking each part,especially the transmission and cutting part, to avoid the screw-loose. Pay attention to oil the drive gear reducer, fan and chain. 4.After the completion of the above adjustment, the machine can be put into use after cleaning by water.


1.The running speed is constant, which was already set up when out of factory.

2.Put the chicken feet into the clips artificially, conveyed to the cutter to cut them into two parts, then conveyed to the meet hopper and derived separately.

3.Clean the machine timely after using the machine, if long-term out of service, thoroughly cleaning and disinfection is quite necessary.


1.Check the lubrication of the driveline once a week, add calcium base grese to the drive chain and bearing.

2.The reducer adopts 40#machine oil(or 90# industrial gear oil), the oil changed in every 6 months is suggested. Notice! The reducer was unoiled when out of the factory.

3.If the chicken feet was imperfectly cut of and still linked together, it may cause by: ① the blade was damaged,after sharpen the blade by using a terrazzo,down regulate the gears along the drive shaft to make the space proper.② the compaction degree of the pressing strip is not enough, need to adjust it.

4.After using a period of time, through tension the screw in a proper degree to adjust the relaxation phenomenon of the conveyer chain and drive chain.


1.Cutting motor model: Y80M1/B3,   power: 0.75kw

2.Reducer model: XWD0.55-3-71,    drive ratio:71

3.Blade model: φ240/30/2.5

4.Chain model: short pitch and precise roller chain 12A, P19.05mm

5.Bearing model: UCF206.UCP205

6.Chain wheel:P19.05mm, 18 gear, P25.4mm, 20gear

7.Pulley: φ100、φ80, type A with 20 slot


9.Delivery speed: 10.5m/min

10.Cutting speed: 280pcs/min Safety  Precautions To avoid the risk of electric shock and injury when using the equipment, the operators should always abide by the basic safety precautions. Read the instruction carefully. Operate the machine according to the warnings and identifier on the machine. Install a electrical shock and earth leakage protective device to the main power of the equipment. The equipment must be reliable grounding, 380v, three phrase, 50 hz. Cover the insulation tube to the power line, no trmping and extrusion. Do not tear down the machine guard, the static and working blade may cause personal injury. Avoid tilt and collaose when install the equipment for fear of the damge. First shut off power supply when overhaul and maintain the machine, to avoid the damages caused by works the machine mistakenly. The operator’s head and hands are forbidden to touch the working machine. Don’t put the tools, appliances etc. to the conveyor, to avoid the damages when using the machine.

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